Inland Marine Construction

Projects on the inland waters can increase the complexity and knowledge required to perform pipeline maintenance and construction projects.  Our crews have the technical expertise and operational experience on the inland waters to handle any size projects no matter the scope or complexity.  We have the experience completing projects in all types of water environments and have the right equipment and resources to ensure your marine project is successful. Our past projects include multimillion-dollar projects from caisson anomaly repairs to new platform and pipeline fabrication and installation. We are here to provide the service and experience to meet the high standards your marine project demands.

Our inland water services include: 

  • Inland Caisson Assets
  • Marine Platform Construction
  • Structural Fabrication
  • Installation of Dock Facilities
  • Pipeline Relocation
  • Removal and Disposal
  • Reconditioning of Existing Platforms
  • Barge Work
  • Decommissioning & Abandonment
  • Right-of-Way Service & Storm Cleanup
  • Pipeline Jetting
  • Fabrication & Maintenance
  • Smart Pig Operations
  • Diver Assisted Work
  • Torquing & Hydrostatic Testing

Inland Marine Construction Equipment

Deep Water Caisson

  • Depths Up to 30'
  • Repair Diameter Up to 36"
  • Work Area 8x10' around pipe
  • Time on Site 5-7 days
  • Platform 12x12' with fall arrest system
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